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Sharon & Carl Rosenkoetter

When  she was 14 years old, Sharon was approached by a field trainer, to foster raise puppies.  About a year later, he sent her to obedience classes with a Golden.  She started exhibiting in Obedience, then breed.  She worked for several other kennels as kennel help and/dog trainers.  She married Carl in 1979..  Their first Champion (CH Meadopwpond Trojan's Pride CDX SDHF) came in 1980.   Soon Carl was showing in obedience and breed.  He showed Troy to a Group placement and put an UD on a Troy son, Hillside Leave It To Beaver UD.  Since then more titles in many different areas,  Sharon exhibits in tracking, obedience, Rally and some field work.  Carl has gotten interested in herding dogs, since he breeds Katahdin Sheep,  He currently does tracking, some obedience & Herding events.  

They only breed Golden Retrievers, even tho they own 1- 13 year old Rescue Cocker that has a TD, 1 - 10 year old Aussie with his GCH CD RN and various herding titles, 2 Belgian Sheepdogs with Herding Titles and a 1 year old Shetland Sheepdog that is pointed and training for herding titles.  Carl does most of the work with these dogs and Sharon works with the Goldens,...

Next Generations

Sharon & Carl had 3 children. Sarah, Andrew, & Caron were all active with the Golden Retrievers.  They showed in AKC & 4-H events.  Sarah  showed in Jrs and obedience.  She obtained several CDXs.  Andrew never liked breed or jrs...so he only showed in obedience, obtaining many CDs.  Carrie was slow to start showing in breed, jrs, obedience...But along came Writer ( Wylwind The First Ending CD NA TD- maj ptd).  Carrie and Writer did very well in Jrs and he came 1 major from finishing his CH.  Carrie also put several CDs on dogs and a CDX on Colors ) Hillside Over The Rainbow CDX).  She handled Writer's NA in Agility. Today, Sarah still trains dogs and shows in Obedience and groomer at Petsmart.  Andrew owns dogs and still trains them in obedience.  Other wise he is in law enforcement.  Carrie shows dogs professionally...check her out under CABO HANDLING PAGE.

The next generations have been out in the dopg world... Sarah's daughter Caitlynn has shown in Jrs, a little in breed and in obedience & she put a CD on a dog)  Connor ( Sarah's son) has work a bit with dogs and likes tracking. .  Jordan ( Carrie;s son) has helped her show dogs.  Jade ( Carrie's daughter) is showing in Jrs and Breed.  She has been in top 10 in Goldens for a couple years.  She has handled Goldens and other breeds to BOB wins and other wins.

Hillside Goldens

When Sharon bred her first litter of Golden Retrievers, she lived with her parents. They lived in a small town of Defiance, MO.  Their house was built on a hillside. Everyday, Sharon ran up and down the hillside to be with her dogs.  Her mother said HILLSIDE GOLDENS and it stuck..After 35 years, HILLSIDE GOLDENS have Owned and/or bred dogs with BOB & BOS Wins at Specialties, Sporting Group Wins & placements, GCH & CHs, major & minor pointed, many obedience titles, rally Titles, tracking Titles,agility titles, hunt and WC/WCX Titles, service and guide Dogs, therapy dogs and just GREAT COMPANION Family Members,  Versatility is the name of the game, a HILLSIDE GOLDEN can do it!.

*** SIDENOTE: When going through Sharon's dad's papers after he passed away.  His father owned HILLSIDE HATCHERY.  He was one of the first to have Rhode Island Red Chickens in Missouri.  Her mother said she knew nothing about that name of HILLSIDE.